Flexible Content Management Across Boundaries
Manage the Lifecycle of your Content to improve efficiency

VisualVault provides the tools you need to capture and manage documentation, electronic records and business processes that cross departmental and global boundaries. Using VisualVault’s easy to configure platform.  Your organization will experience greater operational efficiency when documentation and data is readily available to service internal and external customers.

When your customer service staff works with a customer, do they regularly have to call the customer back because they need to find documentation in a filing cabinet, in an email or in an archaic file system?  As a manager, is it hard for you to track down the status of a business process because you are not sure who the last person was in an email thread?  VisualVault’s system for managing documentation, unstructured data and the workflow of business processes will help you to resolve these organizational challenges.


Capture at the Source

Acquire paper documents, electronic files, data in forms and other documentation at the source of where these items are generated.  Using VisualVault, acquisition of documentation can occur through channels of automation or through human intervention.   The breadth of VisualVault capture tools start with industry known scanning software, document and form import utilities or can include custom built applications to meet your specific needs.  High volume or low volume capture, private or public sources, we can help you start your business processes where they begin.

Manage and Organize

To increase your organization’s efficiency, you need the means to organize, manage and process your content.  When managing your content in VisualVault, leverage metadata to organize and group unstructured content in a way that is easy for users to consume.  Start managing your business processes when content is captured using VisualVault’s workflow.  Assign tasks to approve the publication of content for consumption by the right users. 



Automation to Reduce Work

Adding automation to any redundant part of your business process is key to reducing direct labor and improving the consistency of the business process.  Removing human intervention where possible will remove the possibility of data not being processed the same each time.  Automation can be applied throughout the entire life cycle of your content.  Use automation to intelligently organize your content.  Reduce labor by using services to relate or move content and perform calculated changes to metadata.  At the end of the content lifecycle, use record retention rules and automation to delete, archive or purge content that is no longer needed. 


Retrieve Documentation when you want

Use VisualVault’s user interface to streamline the consumption of information and enable your organization to find documentation when they want it.  To streamline the consumption of content, securely publish panels of information to each team of people that is relevant and specific to the role they play in the organization.  Your team can rapidly find documentation or check on the status of content to service customers by using the search fields placed on every screen.

Capturing information at the start of a business process in an ECM system like VisualVault allows for immediate access and traceability into the process.  Organizing, searching and workflow enable your team to have information at their fingertips, allowing your organization to impress and maintain your customer’s loyalty.

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