Healthcare Content Management

One Secure Platform, bringing Structure to Healthcare

Secure, store, track and connect information across networks, departments, systems and throughout your entire medical enterprise.  Offered as a robust, document content digital storage/retrieval system or a complete Healthcare Information Management platform utilizing workflow automation tools, VisualVault integrates EMR data with all digital assets—including unstructured data—across the enterprise.

Healthcare Content Management

  • Patient Billing Workflow
  • Medical Records Management
  • Release of Information
  • Medical Insurance Portal
  • Back Office (Accounting, Human Resources, Compliance)
  • Credentialing and Certification Management Read More


Vendor Neutral Archive

Have a complete clinical view of each and every patient serviced by your organization by merging all structured and unstructured data into one collective view.  Legacy data can be moved to VNA, allowing an organization to shut down all prior Healthcare Information System kept active solely for the purpose of accessing this data, thereby reducing IT costs related to licensing and maintenance of Legacy systems.

Customized Treatment Systems

What happens if off the shelf treatment systems are not sufficient to help you adequately recored and manage information associated with treatment in your niche of the healthcare industry.  Our customers have utilized the VisualVault platform to build flexible addiction recovery treatment systems.


  • Cerner©
  • Siemens©
  • McKesson©
  • Meditech©
  • Epic©
  • Lawson©
  • Oracle©
  • SAP©
  • Microsoft-Dynamics©
  • SharePoint©
  • HL7 Integration


  • XDS
  • POI
  • PDS
  • Admissions
  • Discharge
  • Billing Cycle
  • ICD-10 Coding

Solutions for Healthcare

We see many possible ways in which you could use VisualVault forms and document management to benefit you and your organization.  Here are a few ideas:

  • Management of Chronic Diseases (asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, etc.) by capturing the following items:
    • Registration and participation in educational classes
    • Communication of daily habits and tracking daily indicators
    • Facilitate question and answer threads
  • Managing credential, certification and training expiration
  • Referral requests and management
  • Office visit queuing and registration
  • Research and Drug Trials
  • Facilitate requests for assistance to the doctor or nurses
  • Manage documentation around sexual assaults or other medical related crimes
  • Tracking of processes that require research or resolution over a period of time

Give us a call today.  We want to talk with you to understand your needs and creatively find a way to build a solution to address your needs.