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Leadership’s challenge, VisualVault’s response!


Staying the course puts constituents, providers and state governments further behind the service curve

Expanding demand on services supported by legacy manual business processes are 
challenging public sector organizations to keep pace with the increasing 
needs of their constituents.

V2’s experienced Public Sector team assists  state and local governments improve 
service and operational performance thru improved business process automation 
(BPA). VV quickly identifies process bottlenecks and provides cost effective 
solutions to transform the business model, increase operational efficiencies, 
ensure greater transparency and create an exceptional user experience 
during every encounter.


The sensible alternative to replacing existing lines of business software

In most cases, Department’s Line-of-business (LOB) applications works well. The technology may be old, but from a transactional standpoint, the process bottlenecks are related to the manual effort required at the front end of the process, not the backend. Onboarding the initial documentation, the amount of manual data entry required to populate the LOB, manual routing of the files, etc. is typically, where excess labor and delays occur. VV is exceptional at automating the manual steps to change outcomes thru our ability to:

  • Establish Self-Service 
  • Virtually extend user interface 
  • Enable One Touch Processing
  • Leverage Intelligent digital forms, workflows, notifications, and correspondence
VisualVault Major Components

Examples of VisualVault’s BPA solutions deliver positive improvements for public sector:

Case Management

Accurately processing complaints can be challenging. The VisualVault solution can be 
deployed in weeks to gain the benefits from automating aging case management processes. 
Rapid configuring of intelligent digital forms, workflows with business rules acting as 
knowledge workers reducing staff touches, and a robust cloud based central repository 
delivers instant access to in-house and mobile staff.  Faster and accurate processing 
are the primary outcomes of VisualVault’s case management solutions. 

Provider Management

Management and oversight of Provider licensing, renewals, compliance and enforcement 
remains challenging because of the staff intensive processing required. 
VisualVault’s Provider Management solution transforms licensing and 
oversight processes freeing staff to focus on higher level tasks.

Streamlined Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement

The cost to replace a licensing system runs in the tens of millions. VV configures our BPA 
solutions to improve service times by 40% or more by streamlining operational activities 
and giving field surveyors the digital tools to improve compliance and enforcement. 
Investigate how VV delivers improved outcomes without the risk and cost 
associated with massive upgrades or system replacements.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

VV’s cloud based ECM completely disrupts traditional ECM offerings based on speed of 
implementations, ease of use, self-supporting capability, and our unique pricing options.


Helping states, cities, and counties transform to better serve citizens

State and local programs continue to increase in complexity while 
service demand expectations continue to grow as well. The ability to 
streamline business processes virtually eliminates manual data entry tasks, increases 
transaction speeds, and allows staff to attend to the citizen facing tasks 
they were originally hired to address.

The VisualVault team members are experts in evaluating and designing 
improved business process automation solutions that drive superior results. We welcome 
the opportunity to discuss your particular challenges. 
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