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VisualVault’s SaaS Solutions Deliver
Positive Improvements for Public Sector

Case Management

VisualVault’s case management solution automates case management activities. Rapid configuring of intelligent digital forms, workflows with business rules acting as knowledge workers reducing staff touches, and a robust cloud based central repository delivers instant access to in-house and mobile staff. Faster and accurate processing are the primary outcomes of VisualVault’s case management solution.

Provider Management – Streamline Licensing, Compliance & Enforcement

Management and oversight of Provider licensing, renewals, compliance and enforcement remains challenging do to the intensive amount of manual work involved to process. VisualVault’s Provider Management solution transforms licensing and oversight processes freeing staff to focus on higher level tasks.

VisualVault’s platform improves service times by 40% + by streamlining operational activities and providing field surveyors the digital tools to improve compliance and enforcement.

Presentation Layer Transforms Existing Line-of-Business Applications

Departments are often hampered by legacy applications. Applications that were implemented well before digital forms changed the experience of interactions. VisualVault enables departments to easily and cost effectively stand up a Presentation Layer to virtually extend user screens directly to external users enabling individuals or businesses (through self-service), apply, submit, enter, etc. the information necessary to initiate an interaction. The savings in time, resources, and improved quality typically runs in excess of 40% leveraging VisualVault.

Enrollment, Licensing, & Quality Assurance

VisualVault is designed to automate enrollment, licensing, permitting, etc. Additionally, field inspectors/monitors providing the enforcement and oversight of service providers have access to all pertinent information related to each inspection. Field inspectors/monitors spend far less time documenting their work with the automation VisualVault provides.

Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

VV’s cloud based ECM completely disrupts traditional ECM offerings based on speed of implementations, ease of use, self-supporting capability, and our unique pricing options. And, VisualVault is designed to be multi-tenant enabling agencies/departments to implement the SaaS again and again securely, and cost effectively.

Helping States, Cities, & Counties Transform Service Delivery

State and local programs continue to increase in complexity while service demand expectations continue to grow as well. The ability to streamline business processes virtually eliminates manual data entry tasks, increases transaction speeds, and allows staff to attend to the citizen facing.

VisualVault team members are experts in evaluating and designing

improved business process automation solutions that drive superior results. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your particular challenges.

Child Welfare VisualVault Platform Inforgraphic

Accelerate Quality
of Care Improvement

Increasing volumes and manual processes puts constituents, providers, and staffs further behind the service curve


Expanded service demands supported by legacy manual business processes are challenging public sector organizations to keep pace with the increased needs of their constituents and the businesses served. VisualVault’s experienced Public Sector team assists state and local governments improve service and operational performance thru modernizing aging document and data intensive business processes. VisualVault’s Business Process Automation (BPA) multi-tenant platform and unique licensing, enables state and local agencies to quickly and cost effectively transform business models, increase operational efficiencies, ensure greater transparency to ensure the quality of care continuously improves.

VisualVault – Help states deliver better, faster service

Many states’ still initiate Enrollment, Licensing, Contract Management, Case Management, Quality Assurance, Compliance and Enforcement, and other service critical programs using forms posted on their websites. The time required by families, businesses, and service providers to download, print, complete and sign, and submit is frustratingly lengthy. For staff, the volumes continue to increase as does the time required to manually data enter, route, and touch 100% of every document sent in for processing. Departments seeking to transform service quality should evaluate transitioning from paper to digital processes. VisualVault offers the most cost effective approach to automate processes and improve the quality of service.

What is VisualVault?

VisualVault is a cloud based SaaS COTS platform. VisualVault offers six completely configurable modules that enable clients to build solutions within a secure, multi-tenant framework. The ability to configure and reconfigure allows the platform to modernize most document and data intensive processes. Additionally, VisualVault is disrupting traditional software licensing. Extending functionality directly to external users such as families, service providers, and businesses is included in one low monthly subscription fee.

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