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VisualVault transforms business processes quickly and cost effectively streamlining data and document
intensive processes with uniquely configured software as a service solutions (SaaS).

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Old approaches are not working. You need effective SaaS solutions which are delivered faster than ever before with flexible pricing. Integration with existing systems is a must. Discover how VisualVault can transform business operations for healthcare, human resources, and government agencies.


Industry specific solutions designed to complement existing line of
business applications.


Intelligent web forms, workflow, content management. Designed for high volume, data intensive processes.


Creative (pay for consumption) pricing configured to your specific business automation requirements.

VisualVault News

  • vv_logo_diamond Experienced Healthcare Veteran Becomes VisualVault’s Director of Healthcare Solutions

    Kathy Biggers provides a fresh outlook on how VisualVault will automate key healthcare processes that have a positive impact on providers and patients.

    TEMPE, AZ – March 8th, 2018 - VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA)/ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software company, has named Kathy Biggers as Director of Healthcare Solutions. VisualVault’s cloud-based SaaS application serves as a BPA platform and provides clients with cost-effective solutions to digitally transform document and data intensive processes that no longer support service levels and performance goals of a healthcare system.

    Biggers received her Bachelor’s degree from Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas and completed her Masters studies at University of Missouri, Columbia and Trinity Seminary, Newburgh, Indiana. Biggers has held senior business development and leadership positions at Iron Mountain, National Healing Corporation, Agility Healthcare, McKesson Provider Technologies and Emdeon.  Her 20+ years of experience in the Healthcare field provides Kathy unique insights to be a “trusted advisor” guiding clients through digital transformation in this industry.

    “Kathy is a 20+-year healthcare veteran who has successfully launched and led sales and marketing teams in the Healthcare market who focused on improving outcomes for patients and providers. Her experience will prove invaluable in the expansion and growth of VisualVault in this important segment.  She is well-versed in the digital transformation challenges facing the healthcare market today and brings great passion to our fast-growing company,” said Steve Leichtman, CEO of VisualVault.

    VisualVault’s SaaS based platform and unique licensing enables healthcare organizations to affordably extend the use of VisualVault to all users including providers and patients. VisualVault’s digital transformation for healthcare organizations opens the concept for these organizations to improve service levels at all levels and introduce analytics, reporting to support knowledge based decisions as well as improve governance and compliance management activities.

    Kathy Biggers, Director of Healthcare Solutions, comments, “I have a passion which matches the VisualVault culture; for helping healthcare organizations understand and prepare for the current and future challenges of optimizing healthcare delivery. I am excited to join VisualVault which has a healthcare services presence which I look forward to leading.”

    VisualVault also provides leadership with the reporting metrics, workflow, intelligent forms and core enterprise content management services required to enable a digital transformation that automates processes and informs decision making. Additionally, the solution provides improved oversight with the data elements recovered through VisualVault’s audit trailing capabilities. VisualVault is a versatile platform in terms of implementation, day-to-day functionality, and scalability; making it an ideal solution for healthcare organizations.

    About VisualVault

    Founded in 2009, VisualVault is a private, Arizona-based, Business Process Automation (BPA)/Enterprise Content Management (ECM) company specializing in the automation of data and document intensive processes at an enterprise level. The VisualVault® platform is a cloud-based application that includes Intelligent Forms (i-Forms) which automate and validate both structured and unstructured data. These i-Forms streamline manual data entry and routing processes to boost overall productivity and accelerate business results.

    VisualVault enables its clients to search and present content in a contextual manner configured for their specific business requirements, improving adoption through flexibility and ease of use. VisualVault's integrated platform standardizes user data so it may be accessed, viewed and used across an enterprise providing users with live dashboards for end-to-end reporting, analysis and decision making. VisualVault’s mission is transforming our client’s processes quickly and cost-effectively, without replacing expensive core legacy systems, by streamlining their data and document intensive processes with our uniquely configured software that is delivered as a service.


    Press Contact:

    Jason Hatch
    Phone: 480-308-4400 x225

    Author: Tod Olsen
  • vv_logo_diamond VisualVault's New Community Licensing Enables Public Sector Organizations to Modernize Aging IT systems

    Community licensing eliminates the barriers of extending system use directly to external users.


    VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA) / licensing and case management software company, is introducing a revolutionary Community Licensing model for Public Sector organizations. This disruptive new model essentially abandons the traditional concurrent and named user licensing that has defined the industry and extends system usage to external organizations and users under a pricing structure that is affordable for these organizations.

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    Author: Jason Hatch
  • vv_logo_diamond VisualVault Announces New Offline iForms to Enhance Inspections, Investigations and Other Field Services

    Offline iForms untether Inspectors, Service Agents and others from the internet.

    VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA)/ Enterprise Content Management(ECM) software company, introduces Offline iForms. Offline iForms is a derivative of VisualVault’s SaaS-based iForm technology that incorporates intelligence behind form fields in order to deliver faster, more accurate data collection and processing. The Offline iForms product frees field personnel to conduct business regardless of internet availability.

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    Author: Jason Hatch

Industry News

VA Dems Demand Answers on Electronic Health Records Delay
VA Dems Demand Answers on Electronic Health Records Delay
May 5, 2018
A $16 billion contract to modernize health records has been in limbo during turmoil at the agency.
Author: Joseph Marks
Will GDPR Rules Impact States and Localities?
Will GDPR Rules Impact States and Localities?
May 5, 2018

Government Technology: When the May 25 enforcement deadline for Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) rolls around, U.S. companies, organizations and institutions that target their products and services to people living in Europe will be on the hook to comply or potentially face steep fines.

GDPR is a set of strict rules that give European Union (EU) citizens control over their personally identifiable information (PII).

The rules have instilled fear in a number of these entities, which may face fines of up to 4 percent of their annual global revenue or 20 million euros, whichever is greater, should they fail GDPR compliance. But what about state and local governments?

Author: State & Local Government Policy, Business and Technology: i360 Gov
Atlanta mayor says ransomware attack exposed a blind spot for the community
Atlanta mayor says ransomware attack exposed a blind spot for the community
May 11, 2018

StateScoop: Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms says she didn't give much thought to cybersecurity before her city's government suffered a wide-ranging ransomware attack, in part because it's not a topic that comes up often with constituents.

"Over the course of our campaign, we had had at least 100 forums, and we had talked about every single thing I thought there was to talk about, and cybersecurity was not a topic of conversation," Bottoms said Wednesday during a session on resiliency at the Smart Cities New York conference. "While it should be top of mind for us as elected officials, it’s not something people see and our communities are discussing."

Author: State & Local Government Policy, Business and Technology: i360 Gov
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