Game Changing Solutions for Human Resources
Automate HR Processes without changing your core HRIS System!

VisualVault supports your on-going efforts to automate HR processing by providing a complimentary tool that is cost efficient, configurable, and accelerates the initial onboarding and routing of documents.   

Are you managing your human resource assets today via paper, static electronic forms such as PDF’s, spreadsheets or some other taxing mechanisms?  Is your HRIS system expensive to add modules for automation? VisualVault is the SaaS solution that will fit the sweet spot for managing human resource assets in a cost efficient manner and enhance your HRIS system without expensive upgrades.

How we help Human Resources

HR departments globally fight to better serve their constituents while reducing departmental costs.. VisualVault is designed to not only automate the many paper and compliance heavy processes performed by HR but make the processes easier for the constituents you serve. By leveraging VisualVault’s Intelligent Forms (i-Forms) HR departments are streamlining processes and sending key data to the core HRIS systems without human intervention. VisualVault’s contextual presentation of i-Forms and content dramatically improve the user experience for these processes, while making them auditable for compliance and increasing productivity of the HR team by 60-80%.

Some of the key processes HR departments are using today:

  • Employee On-Boarding
  • Pre-employment Evaluations
  • Applications
  • Status Change Forms
  • Incident Reports
  • Performance Evaluations
  • PTO Requests
  • Secure and store documents with any of the above Human Resource processes.
    • Search for any document stored in the system.  Search on text within documents such as text within resumes, performance assessment support documentation, etc.
    • Secure processes and documents using methods that exist by default within VisualVault.
  • Empower your employees and applicants from around the world to interact with your Human Resources department.  Enable your HR staff to be more responsive with remote access, workflow notifications and process visibility through this cloud service.

Using VisualVault, you can implement the processes you need quickly and cost effectively.  Implement only what you need to increase your team’s effectiveness.  Configure i-Forms that manage your human resource processes to capture information that is important for managing your employee needs, then feed the data to your HRIS systems to increase their value without the expense!

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