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VisualVault Announces New Intelligent Forms (iForms) Solution for Human Resources

by Jason Hatch | Feb 16, 2017
Solution Promises Significant Improvement in Efficiency for Core HR Services.

Tempe, AZ (PRWEB) February 16, 2017  VisualVault, a Business Process Automation (BPA)/ Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software company, introduces iForms, a SaaS-based, document onboarding, workflow automation solution for Human Resources. This solution compliments existing HRIS systems and enhances document and data processes common to talent management without the time and expense historically associated with upgrading core systems. iForms enables HR groups to migrate slow MS Word and PDF-driven processes to highly efficient automated digital processes. These processes, such as on-boarding, change of status requests, application and performance management, become far more efficient and result in substantial savings.

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