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VisualVault News

VisualVault Releases True “Zero Footprint” High Performance Document Viewer

by Jason Hatch | Dec 14, 2016
The “Zero Footprint” technology is easy to implement and manage for IT groups, as there are no viewer downloads required and its mobile-friendly accessibility keeps the solution on the edge of market demands.

VisualVault, a SaaS-based Business Process Automation/Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software company, has released a true “Zero Footprint,” high performance document viewer as a part of its core platform for all clients.

Consistent with VisualVault’s focus of managing high-value document and data-intensive processes for enterprise organizations, this new addition allows for the immediate viewing of large-file documents and enables a high volume of document and data access points for users to leverage over the cloud.

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Industry News

Internet of things shaking up product production - Raconteur
Internet of things shaking up product production - Raconteur
June 23, 2017


Internet of things shaking up product production
Just as a mobile device or browser handles customer service, IoT devices can be used to promote products, services, cross-sell or upsell,” says Dr Setrag Khoshafian, chief evangelist and vice president of business process management technology at ...

Author: Business Process Management - Google News
Chicago's Procurement Modernization Seeks to Better Collaboration Across 29 City Departments
June 23, 2017

Government Technology: Procurement is one of those areas of government that doesn’t often get a lot of attention. When it comes to technology, people love talking about data analytics, moving to the cloud and any number of overused catchphrases. But too often the simple stuff gets overlooked.

In Chicago, city officials have rallied behind a plan to adjust how its Department of Procurement Services (DPS) does its job. As it stands — and like so many other procurement departments in the U.S. — Chicago’s system revolves largely around a heavily paper-based process that offers little insight into how and why money is spent the way it is. Mayor Rahm Emanuel aims to change all that.

Author: State & Local Government Policy, Business and Technology: i360 Gov
CRM Use Is Gaining Traction in Local Government — Here Are the Numbers to Prove It
CRM Use Is Gaining Traction in Local Government — Here Are the Numbers to Prove It
June 22, 2017

Over the last few years, the use of customer relationship management (CRM) has been ramping up in local government. The Digital Cities Survey revealed that as of last year, more than 90 percent of cities are either using or working to deploy the technology. And while it’s not quite as pervasive in counties, nearly 70 percent are doing the same, according to the 2016 Digital Counties Survey. Since the information has been tracked for cities, more than half have implemented CRM, while the numbers have been inching up for counties. As cloud computing makes the technology more easily attainable and citizens look for their governments to take a customer-driven approach to services, these numbers are expected to continue to rise.

Source: Center for Digital Government’s Digital Cities and Counties Surveys

This is an excerpt from the Digital Communities Special Report, which appears twice a year in Government Technology magazine and offers in-depth coverage for local government leaders and technology professionals. The June 2017 report explores the idea that the tech that drives 311 can help government deliver an Amazon-like experience.

Author: Elaine Pittman
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